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WishWell For For Profits

For profits can donate to a charity partner with WishWell while driving employee engagement!

Simply select your organization type when you register, enter in your charity partner's name, and we'll do the rest. All of the promotion, all of the donation handling, and you can sit back and watch the donations flow in while your employees connect with one another.

We'll send the donations to an account that you list when you register, and you are responsible for transferring the funds to the charity. With this flexibility, you are free to match as much or as little of the donation as you like and we can help you communicate that commitment with your employees.

It takes just 15 minutes to setup, increases employee engagement, and brings in $50/employee/year plus whatever the company matches in annual donations for a cause important to you and your people. There's no cost except our 5% platform fee, so there is literally no risk to you!

Try today :) -