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Alumni groups raise more with WishWell

WishWell enables many alumni groups to foster togetherness through well wishes and donations. It takes 15 minutes to setup, is fully automated, and is free to try!

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1 million wishes and counting!

"WishWell was a game changer for our fundraising efforts"
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Shane M., Executive Director


More engagements, more donations.

40 separate communities and 20,000 members all work together with WishWell to raise money for cancer research!


The PAP Corps raises $350k in recurring donations per year from the WishWell program


Donations have increased by double digits since implementing WishWell by OneGift

Fully Remote

The WishWell program was one of the few programs unaffected by the pandemic, providing vital steady cash flows during an unprecedented time

A new way to fundraise, simply

WishWell allows communities to fundraise for their shared causes.

Features that drive impact

Birthday Booster

Automagically generate a birthday fundraiser page for each of your alumni members and send them the page link to share with friends, family, and colleagues a month before their birthday. They get a nice card from friends all while raising more for charity!

Community Raiser

Bring your community together with simple birthday wishes and small donations for your shared causes.

Wish your fellow community-members happy birthday and donate a dollar to your shared cause.

Success Stories and Use Cases

Many different organizations, communities and individuals can use WishWell to connect, contribute, and change the world!


The PAP Corps

Communities for Good

The PAP Corps is a series of 40 communities working together to raise $350,000/year for cancer research with WishWell.


Jesus Alive Ministries


JAM uses WishWell to engage their parishioners and raise more for their vital community programs. Brining their congregation closer.




Nutrifund delivers valuable sources of nutrition to all corners of the globe. They use WishWell to help fundraise for their vital mission.


Schools and Unies

Alumni Groups

Alumni groups can drive alumni engagement and connection, all while bringing in donations for the school with WishWell.


Cascade Lakes


Communities like Cascade Lakes can bring neighbors together with simple well wishes, all while raising money for a shared cause.



Family and Friends

Sara uses WishWell with her family and friends to wish all her loved ones well and donate to causes that they all love.




The Minority Christian Women's Entrepreneur Network brings their club members together with well wishes and donations.


Beat Childhood Cancer


Beat Childhood Cancer brings their donors and families together around birthdays and contributions to their important cause.


Huntington Lakes

Retirement Groups

Huntington Lakes is an over 55 retirement community that uses WishWell to connect neighbors and to give to causes they care about.