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Birthday Fundraisers | Birthday Booster

No longer do your members have to take the time setup their own crowdfunding page for their birthday! WishWell will create one automagically for each and every donor, with a custom URL, a month before their birthday to share with their friends, family, colleagues, and more!

See the demo here:

The Birthday Booster sends donors a custom birthday fundraising link that they can share with friends and family to fundraise for charity. It's an auto P2P generation tool that helps raise more money for charity.

When turned on (you can opt in your entire organization/community or on a member-by-member basis), WishWell will email members a custom link a month before their birthday that they can share with their friends and family to request donations on their behalf as a birthday gift. 

The member will get a birthday card on their birthday with a list of everyone that donated!

Donors will be invited to join your community to support future fundraisers.


You can turn the Birthday Booster feature on or off in your settings page near the bottom with the click of a button, and you can turn it on or off for your individual members via the Member Details page.

All emails come from your email address and are completely secure.